Computer sales & repairs

Computer sales & repairs

Looking for a new system or just to have yours cleaned out thoroughly? We can setup you up with a system tailored to your needs.  We won't sell you something you don't need.  Either way, your computer will be ready to be connected to your network.

Data Transfers

Data Transfer

Not sure how to backup your important data? We can help! Whether it's just transferring it to a new drive or setting up a backup drive for your existing system, we have the right equipment to successfully do the job.

Service Calls

Service Calls

With your busy schedule, who has the time to load up computer equipment and drive to a computer workshop.  That's where we come in. We come to your home or business and can make the necessary repairs on-site.

MS Office

Microsoft Office

Need to edit a PowerPoint project or Word document?  We can set you up with several versions of Microsoft Office.

We can also install it for you, if needed!

Panda Security

Panda Security is proud to be a Panda Security Reseller.  When it comes to your computer's security, you need Panda to protect your data. Whether it's for viruses or ransomware, Panda's got you covered!



When it comes to buying a computer, it can be a difficult decision.  Do I buy a laptop or a desktop? Do I need 1 or 2 terabytes?  How much memory do I need?  These are all valid questions and we can help.  Call us today and let us recommend the ideal system for you!

ID Badges

ID badges

Quality and durability: We use the highest resolution laser system on the market. The quality of our engraving is top-notch. We can engrave the most detailed logos and even photographs. We don't cut corners on our materials either, using only the finest metals and plastics available.

Pickup & Delivery

Pick up & Delivery

Not everyone has a vehicle, we can pick up and deliver your computer so you never have to leave your home,  

*NOTE;  Only valid within the Chaleur region.


Networking (non server)

Looking to link several computers to your home or business network?  We can provide the equipment and experience to get you connected as quickly as possible. 

Watchguard/Panda Security

a Watchguard & Panda Security Business Partner


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